Interview with remote worker Valeria from Peru!

Who are you and where do you live?
My name is Valeria Cortez, known as Val Cortez or Val Around the world. I’m currently living in Malaysia but I’m not 100% based anywhere at the moment as I travel constantly.

Why did you start working remote, and what are you working with?
I work with my social media. I started live streaming for fun, because I’m a very social person and I enjoy interacting with people from different countries and cultures, after some week streaming in my free time, I started to be popular and suddenly I was one of the streamers creating more revenue in the platform, that’s it’s when I decided to take it as a career

How do you get a remote job and what does it take to succed with one?
I started gaining popularity in social media platforms once I had a “place” there I could start monetizing my content. I think the most important part to success it’s to be persistent and disciplined but also to enjoy what are you doing.

What are the pros and cons? The pros are that you are your own boss, you set your own goals and of course to be able to manage your time and travel as much as you want meanwhile. The cons are that there’s no stability, your “salary” won’t be necessarily consistent month by month, also you have be extra disciplined and consistent in order to create content to keep your public interest.

What does a normal day look like for you?
Usually spend my days creating and working in future content and engaging with my public.

Do you think it will get more common to work remote and why?
Yes, I think it’s already changing day by day, technology it’s making it much more easy and even necessary to have knowledges in order to be able to work remotely.

Any advice for remote rookies?
Set your goals, gain the necessarily knowledge and be persistent. it’s not an easy way but it’s definitely worth it!

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