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Tech Lead

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Fullständig jobbeskrivning

At Hive Streaming, we have nearly 200 of the world’s biggest enterprises as our customers. Our roots are within video distribution for internal enterprise video communication. With more than 100 patents we are investing heavily in innovation and new products. Our zero-configuration, software-only P2P algorithms have unlocked the possibility of live video streaming and video on demand for our customers over the last 10 years!

During 2023, we are launching our VX platform and next-generation products, aiming at enabling superior video experiences to drive change.

Join the ranks of the trendsetters! We’re proud to be listed among Sweden’s hottest and fastest-growing scale-ups in 2023, and we want YOU to be a part of our success story.

Get inspired to jump on our journey by watching the video below!

About the position

In the beginning, you’ll dive into the heart of the action, contributing operationally as a vital part of Hive’s Video Optimization team. Get hands-on experience with our complex product and become a key player in a fantastic team of four brilliant minds, scattered between the vibrant cities of Stockholm and Berlin.

Embark on a dynamic journey as a Tech Lead with Hive, leading the charge in WebRTC application design and troubleshooting intricate networking challenges.


  • Lead development for client-side peering and distribution.
  • Work closely with our product department to draft architecture changes needed to deliver product features and present changes to the architecture committee.
  • Participate in the architecture committee.
  • Review all PRs impacting client-side peering and distribution.
  • Research and investigations of technologies to maintain Hive’s lead as the premium video experience products (low-latency video, automated network detection, mDNS).
  • Occasional customer meetings planning (zero trust networks), and troubleshooting (what happened in a customer’s specific instance).

Our current stack:

Our current products involve endpoints running on our customers’ devices playing video, backend services supporting the P2P video distribution as well as a collection of telemetry and analytics, and an administrative portal for viewing event dashboards and managing configuration.

This position will be focused on the endpoints and work regularly with common networking & video protocols (WebRTC, HLS, DASH, Thrift, Avro). Our endpoints are implemented in a combination of Java and typescript and can be deployed with installers in corporate networks.

To thrive in the role of Tech Lead at Hive, we’re on the lookout for candidates with:

Technical Prowess:

  • Experience in distributed algorithms, network protocols, Java, and/or typescript
  • Solid experience in WebRTC application design and implementation.
  • Proven expertise in troubleshooting complex networking issues.

Leadership Skills:

  • Demonstrated ability to lead development projects
  • Experience collaborating with product teams and presenting architectural changes.

We see it as meritorious if you have a Ph.D. in distributed systems or P2P contributions and worked with large software systems.

Who are you?

Hive’s core values are Customer Centricity, Innovation, and Empowerment. If that resonates with you, we believe you are:

  • A collaborative team player, adept at sharing information and expertise, enhances team effectiveness by nurturing and expanding upon the ideas of fellow members.
  • An entrepreneur in terms of proactively initiating, adapting to, and managing change and development efforts.
  • A skilled networker, engaging with others openly, fostering new connections and fortifying existing relationships.
  • A dedicated and effective communicator, with an approach rooted in understanding first, and then being understood.

The Perks of Working at Hive

Your Digital Workspace Awaits! Experience the freedom of a digitally empowered workplace—where remote work isn’t just an option, it’s a philosophy. Embrace flexible schedules and seamless collaboration in a tech-forward environment. Your productivity, your terms. Apply now for a career that values your work-life balance.

Without you = no Hive? Join our diverse global community—100 coworkers, 35+ nationalities. Experience a workplace where diversity is our strength, not just a buzzword. Welcome to a company celebrating the richness of differences!

Contribution to innovation and a better world! Hive connects the world through video, slashing travel needs. Boosting connectivity and making Hive employees eco-champions!

Step into the world of perks at our company, where salaries are not just good, insurance is top-notch, and our health benefits are truly awesome, all dedicated to ensuring you stay in the best of health!

We hope you are excited about this opportunity and look forward to your application!

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  • Externa annonser
  • Remote

Hemsida Hive Streaming

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