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STG summer project (third year)

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Hemsida Saab Inc.

Saab is a place where teamwork makes things fly. Literally. Join us and experience our supportive and friendly workplace.

Your role

The project’s end goal is to be able to present a functional airborne drone that can use different sensors to observe the surroundings and send them back to the operator. The project will consist of multiple different smaller groups that each will contribute with a unique part to the larger project. Each group will be assigned an area of expertise which will determine the part each group contributes to the project. Being able to finish this project will require teamwork, communication, both in the smaller groups and on a larger scale, time, learning and an understanding of project management.

This project is a small-scale version of how an airborne system, like the Globaleye platform, could operate in a civil or military organization for monitoring the air and land border of a country. This product shall be monitored and controlled from a remote location, which requires robust and secure communications. Planning, engineering, constructing, operation and supporting a complete Radar detection system is a business that involves many disciplines, competences and cooperation to deliver a successful project. As part of this team you will be a key resource required to collaborate and communicate with several other team members in different subprojects to achieve the overall project goal.

Your profile

We are looking for highly-skilled candidates with the following specific qualifications:

  • Being a third year student at Saab Tekniska Gymnasium
  • An interest in creating technical solutions to modern problems
  • An interest in learning new areas of expertise
  • Basic knowledge of using technical products
  • Basic knowledge in CAD, 2D and 3D
  • Being able to work in a team environment
  • Basic knowledge of aviation and wireless communication
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Basic knowledge of electrical circuits

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.

What you will be a part of

Behind our innovations stand the people who make them possible. Brave pioneers and curious minds. Everyday heroes and inventive troubleshooters. Those who share deep knowledge and those who explore sky-high. And everyone in between.

Joining us means making an impact together, contributing in our own unique ways. From crafting complex code and building impressive defence and security solutions to simply sharing a coffee with a colleague, every action counts. We encourage you to take on challenges, to create smart inventions and grow in our friendly and tech-savvy workspace. We have a solid mission to keep people and society safe.

Saab is a leading defence and security company with an enduring mission, to help nations keep their people and society safe. Empowered by its 22,000 talented people, Saab constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to create a safer and more sustainable world.

Saab designs, manufactures and maintains advanced systems in aeronautics, weapons, command and control, sensors and underwater systems. Saab is headquartered in Sweden. It has major operations all over the world and is part of the domestic defence capability of several nations. Read more about us her

This project will be situated at a Saab AB department in Arboga Sweden. This department is specialized within communications and the protection of critical infrastructure.

Contact: Mikael Gustavsson, +46 76 6371172, [email protected]

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Hemsida Saab Inc.

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