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Senior Software Developers in Vision Machine Learning Lund

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Arriver Software AB

Are you interested in making the roads safer with proactive safety features and autonomous driving in cars using computer vision and machine learning? We continue to expand our newly established office in Lund and are looking for senior developers with a passion for software product development and most importantly a team mindset.

Qualcomm is the American multinational corporation known for its semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. It also focuses on the automotive industry and has become a major hardware and software provider empowering the digital transformation within this area. We belong to the automotive branch at Qualcomm, who deliver the Snapdragon Digital Chassis. It is a set of cloud-connected platforms for telematics and connectivity, the digital cockpit and driver assistance and autonomy for vehicles.  

One part of the Digital Chassis is the Snapdragon Ride Platform, which includes the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) functionality built around low-power, high-performance system on a chip (SoC) platforms, flexible vision solutions and an SDK for simulation and continuous learning.

The Snapdragon Ride Platform and SDK are supporting automakers to build cars that are connected to networks, the cloud, other cars, pedestrians, traffic, and infrastructure systems. The Snapdragon Ride Platform is at the forefront of the intelligent and connected automotive transformation, gaining momentum with global automakers and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide. Collaborations include OEMs like BMW and Cadillac — luxury automotive companies poised to lead the intelligently connected automotive revolution.

Who we are

Qualcomm recently acquired Arriver, a new Swedish software company originating from Autoliv, that is fully focused on developing vision perception and drive policy software for the next generation advanced driver assist and autonomous driving systems in vehicles. The perception functionality will be shipped in the Qualcomm Snap Dragon Ride as part of the Digital Chassis Platforms.

We are situated across three continents, USA, Europe and Asia. In Sweden, we employ more than 500 in mainly four cities – Linköping, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund.

Having a global presence and diverse workforce, means that we mostly communicate in English and also that our music quizzes have a rich cultural variety.

We are now ramping up the development of our fifth-generation vision perception and driver policy platform. The platform has already had commercial success with a major German vehicle manufacturer sourcing it for upcoming luxury vehicles. The platform will include solutions for the next generation advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) with the goal of being the global market leader.

At our new development site in Lund, we are organized in cross-functional agile teams consisting of 5-8 members developing functions both for ground truth generation and in-car perception functions. While each team member contributes with their own skills and experience, the team cooperates to perform all parts of the development lifecycle. In close collaboration with different stakeholders, new software and algorithms are developed to full-fill functional specifications and the definition of done.

Our teams innovate at the frontiers of engineering using technologies such as machine learning, tracking and 3D reconstruction.

We continue to strengthen our teams in order to scale up data and machine learning pipelines, automatic ground truth generation and vision perception to secure a successful platform delivery and strive towards creating a world where everyone arrives safe and sound at their destination.

Who are you?

We are neither searching for a ninja evangelist or any other buzzword, nor are we looking for someone that needs to tick all the boxes in a long list of programming languages. What we do look for are senior developers who already know how to take an idea and concept and make it into a real deployable feature with the right quality.

You are used to working in an agile iterative development process with backlogs and sprints, doing continuous refinements, breaking down epics into achievable stories and performing retrospectives to grow and learn both as individual and team. You know how to perform and support software releases and can if needed tackle late incoming change requests to reach desired goals.

We think that you like to:

•   Write code in Python and C/C++

•   Use fundamental software architecture concepts and patterns

•   Perform data manipulation, transformation and processing

•   Train and deploy modern machine learning models

•   Develop new algorithms and methods within computer vision

•   Coach team members in best practices in software development

•   Be a curios and lean team player willing to grow and share knowledge

To be successful, we also think you have a solid theoretical background in the form of a Master of Science or PhD in machine learning, image- or signal processing, computer science or equivalent area.

We offer

A workplace where you contribute to the development of cutting-edge technology that aims to enhance road safety. Our flexible work hours and generous health and fitness reimbursements support our employees to work at their best capacity at all times. Being a small office in a large organization provides the best of both worlds; stability of the large cooperation as well as the possibility to contribute with your unique touch to our local company culture and activities.

Additionally, Qualcomm supports part-time remote work. With us you will be surrounded by inspiring and sharp colleagues who like what we do and have fun at work. Additionally, you have the opportunity to grow and develop yourself and your skills while having the chance to work with something meaningful.


We very much look forward to your application! Even if you plan to relocate or change jobs at a later time, you are welcome to send in your application now.

And since we will have continuous selection, and places can be filled before the last application date, please don’t wait with submitting your application.

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Arriver Software AB

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