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Pilot Training Project Manager

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Navigraph has by far the best software for flight simulation – I just love it!

Navigraph was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Stockholm. Navigraph is today a world-leading SaaS company that targets flight simulation enthusiasts worldwide. We have over 1.1 M users internationally thanks to the fact that with our software, built on the latest technology, we can offer a unique user experience in flight simulation.

Flight simulation software offers a captivating glimpse into the world of aviation. Navigating a virtual sky is thrilling, demanding, and immensely satisfying as you conquer each milestone in your journey through the art of flying. Whether you’re simply exploring a passion or diving deep into the rich tapestry of technology, science, history, and innovation, every lesson in this realm brings with it a unique sense of accomplishment.

Navigraph is soon starting an initiative to teach aviation to flight simulator enthusiasts so that they can get more enjoyment out of their flight simulator. Beginners will quickly learn the basics, and intermediates will excel and find new challenges to explore. We are already several pilots and instructors on the team, but we will need a project manager to coordinate our areas of expertise to form something which currently goes under the working title “Navigraph Academy” – a virtual flight school where you study, practice and fly to eventually obtain a virtual PPL.


With the help of the team, your task will be to adapt a PPL curriculum to the possibilities (and limitations) of a flight simulator, and design a course syllabus tailored to an online format suitable for the Navigraph target audience. You will also be responsible for coordinating the content production, publication, and integration into the other Navigraph systems that will be supporting this endeavor.

In your role, you will be drafting a project plan which is then realized by hosting daily standup meetings, prioritizing and delegating work in a task management system, and compiling the work output into deliverables. You will be reporting every week to the Marketing Team, and every six weeks to Management.

Who are you?

You have a solid background in aviation, as well as flight simulation, and probably hold a PPL. You have the technical proficiency to understand how real-world flight principles map to the intricacies of flight simulation so that the adapted syllabus remains accurate to real-world flying while also taking advantage of the simulation environment. You have pedagogical insight and know how to break down complex concepts into digestible chunks suitable for a younger audience, or an audience with shorter attention span compared to a traditional classroom setting. You also know how to tell an engaging and educational story to keep the audience interested and which is in tune with today’s Internet culture. Traditional pilot training methods may not always translate well to flight simulation software or to a younger audience. You should be open to innovative teaching methods including gamification, interactive challenges, story-driven narratives, and other ways which can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. You should also be able to relate to the target audience which may be completely new to aviation concepts.

In addition, you should also have great project management skills, be methodical and patient, and be a team player.

Requirements and skills:

  • An active interest in flight simulation

  • PPL

  • Good project management skills, experience with Kanban or Scrum is a merit

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Flight instructor experience is a merit

Navigraph has a strong brand, dedicated users, established products, a great product/market fit, and a clear product road map. We are in an excellent position to grow and will provide you with all the means necessary to excel in your work. Navigraph’s head office is located in Gamla Stan, Stockholm (in fantastic premises), but since we work remotely, it is not a requirement that you are based in Stockholm. You should, however, be in a timezone such that you can conveniently connect to virtual meetings during Swedish office hours.

We are a good group and want to have fun together and enjoy the work. We offer a good benefits package, flexible working hours and try to go on a couple of trips annually.

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Hemsida Navigraph

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