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MLOps and model training engineer

Are you experienced in MLOps and Python? Are you ready to step out as the superstar you have become, to work with cutting-edge technology and to build a high quality toolchain for efficient deep learning experimentation tracking, training and development? – All while working with highly skilled people, helping to create the first self-driving car and saving millions of lives in the process? Well, take a chance and apply today, all we need is your email and phone number!

Insights from the team

MLOps is a growing area at Zenseact and a key enabler in our mission to create robust driver assist features and autonomous driving system.

As a team member, you will build and maintain an MLOps platform that enables fast training on a compute cluster, experiment tracking and other services vital to our internal DL teams. They have a need to continuously iterate and improve their models, and we need to be there to efficiently enable that work. You will also be an important contributor to dimensioning the compute resources for model training, as well as support the easy access of training data. In doing so, you will be helping Zenseact in building leading autonomous vehicle systems.

We are looking for a passionate individual with a solid background in MLOps to join our team and make it real.

Your mission and day-to-day tasks

  • Collaborate with deep learning teams to make the constant evolution of their models efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Improve the way we train models.
  • Build an easy to use toolchain in python that satisfy the needs of our DL teams.

What’s in it for you?

You have the possibility to influence the direction of our product and the way we work, and the chance to help fulfil our mission of saving lives and shaping the future. Based on your competence and interests you will have the possibility to shape your own role and develop professionally. All this at a global workplace with people from all over the world (we have colleagues from over 50 countries). Zenseact offers a flexible work approach and good work/life balance.

Qualifications & experiences

  • Several years of building training and development infrastructure for deep learning.
  • Experience with MLOps tools and platforms.
  • Experience in model training on clusters.
  • Previous experience optimising the use of deep learning frameworks available today, e.g. TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate your ideas effectively in a team.
  • M.Sc. equivalent experience in a related field such as: Computer Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Engineering Physics, Robotics, etc.

What more do we offer?

Flexible-remote way of working: Zenseact has a flexible and modern approach, thus is happy to offer to its employees the possibility for a combination of work at the office and from home. This doesn’t include fully remote work from outside Sweden/China.

More about Zenseact

Our software makes a difference.

Using AI-based technology to create the ultimate driver support, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone. Every year, around 1,4 million people die in traffic while approximately 50 million people get injured. Many get disabled as a result of their injury. We can do better.

One purpose, one product.
We’re a software company dedicated to revolutionizing car safety. By designing the complete software stack for autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone. Zenseact was founded by Volvo Cars, and the teams are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Shanghai, China. When we aim for zero accidents faster, we strive to speed up the transition to safe automation. This is essentially achieved by making cars updatable – like a computer or a phone. With regular software updates, a vehicle can be made safer long after its production. By accelerating improvement loops, shortening development cycles, and deploying high-capacity software quickly, we can make cars safer, faster.

Culture with people at heart
To achieve our mission of saving lives and ending traffic accidents is to go where nobody has before. It requires us to venture into the unknown, pioneering new technology and pushing the frontier of autonomous driving. While there’s no denying our determination and expertise, we must stand united to succeed. By fostering a culture of support and enablement – a place of psychological safety where all of us can thrive – everything else will follow. We call this a people-at-heart culture. This culture means caring. It means the company cares about me, and we care about one another. It means sharing, so we give each other energy and have fun together. Our culture is also about belonging. It’s important to feel at home and that we can be ourselves at work. Finally, a people-at-heart culture means well-being. So, we enjoy the flexibility needed to be and do our best – at work and in life.

Zenseact works proactively to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, where individual differences are appreciated and respected. To drive innovation we see diversity as an asset, which means we value and respect differences in gender, race, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age etc.
Interviews are held on a continuous basis, so we highly recommend that you submit your application at your earliest convenience.

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