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Marketing Internship

  • Externa annonser
  • Remote Stockholm
  • 2024-07-19

Hemsida Albert

Welcome to Albert Group!

We are a leading European EdTech company with a presence in approximately 10 countries and six strong local brands. The group has approximately 140 employees who work together towards the vision of providing every child with a learning experience that suits them. What started with mathematics is on its way to becoming a comprehensive and curriculum-aligned platform with over ten subjects for digital and individualized study support both at home and in school.

Marketing Internship at Strawbees

In Strawbees, we believe that every kid has the right to cultivate their creative potential by designing, building, and inventing using cutting-edge technology. With our award-winning modular STEAM Classroom solutions, we’re here to inspire the next generation of inventors. Everything we do is to support teachers in the US and the UK to bring those STEAM AHA! moments into their classrooms! Strawbees is part of Albert Group, a leading provider of education technology solutions in the Nordics (Europe).

Marketing Internship Opportunity

  • Does your study require you to complete a Marketing internship? Then we are looking for you!
  • Join a highly driven and passionate Strawbees team.
  • Learn hands-on how to apply inbound marketing in the edtech industry.
  • Work closely with the head of marketing at Strawbees on a daily basis.
  • Ideally situated in Stockholm for regular meetings at our co-working space, Garage 56, Södermalm.
  • Remote work for the remainder of the time.
  • Unpaid internship focused on learning on the job.
  • Expenses reimbursed.
  • You require a laptop to work from.


Project #1: SEO

  • Help produce content for our quarterly and monthly SEO keyword sprints.
  • Assist in implementing web sprint stories to improve SEO on landing pages, product pages, and blogs.
  • Drive 25% more organic traffic to our website through SEO (the cheapest way to increase free traffic).
  • Create backlinks from quality partner sites and influencers.

Project #2: Lead Generation Campaigns

  • Help prepare all marketing material for events and conferences attended by our sales team, including campaigns around them.
  • Work on monthly lead generation campaigns pushed out via social media, ads, and webinars.

Project #3: Lead Nurturing Campaigns

  • Help in the content production of regular newsletters sent to customers and prospects.

Project #4: Targeted Marketing

  • Work closely with the UK and US sales teams targeting large school districts, local authorities, and MATS through various marketing campaigns and channels.

Project #5: Admin Marketing Jobs

  • Assist in admin tasks for the website, monthly #StrawbeesChallenge, giveaway campaigns, and socials.
  • Further admin tasks could include website maintenance, creating audience lists (segments) on Hubspot, or adding sample addresses to a shipping spreadsheet.

Project #6: Paid Digital Marketing

  • Assist in preparing spreadsheets with artwork, copy, links, and hashtags for monthly ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Assist in analyzing ads on a daily basis and adjusting, ROI (Return on Investment) reports, and budget sheets on a weekly basis.

Project #7: Data-Driven – Ask, Analyze and Act

  • Have an analytical and data-driven approach to offering ideas on optimizing our campaigns.
  • Be curious about learning new technology quickly to help solve problems efficiently across our digital marketing channels.
  • Apply methodology to help prioritize sprints and sales requests on a monthly and weekly basis.
  • Tools used: Hubspot Marketing Professional, Plausible, SemRush

Project #8: Complete Certificates & Get Mentorship

  • Opportunities for courses we will encourage you to complete for free:
    • Certify in Hubspot SEO Course
    • Certify in Hubspot Marketing Inbound Course

Throughout your internship, you will receive constructive feedback regularly. Together, we will identify your strengths and assign you to tasks where you thrive most.

Apply through the link above.

Contact for questions about the position:

Viviane Jaeger

Head of Global Marketing at Strawbees

[email protected]

Reach out directly to me via LinkedIn: Viviane Jaeger

”The marketing team at Strawbees is known for staying ahead of the competition, driven by remarkable energy. The team’s prowess in Marketing and Branding shines through in every project, encouraging all members to collaborate and give their best. During my 6-month internship, I learned a lot and greatly improved my perspective in Marketing and Branding.”

Grigorios Prifti, Paid Media Ads Specialist at Keystone Education Group

”The marketing team at Strawbees is known for its impressive competence in marketing and project management. The team’s ability to motivate members to their fullest potential ensures that every project is productive and inspired. During my 4-month internship, I gained valuable insights and experience that have been instrumental in my career growth.”

Carmen Jiang, Senior Digital Analyst at Vekst

  • Externa annonser
  • Remote Stockholm
  • 2024-07-19

Hemsida Albert

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