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Industrial PhD Positions – Fall 2024

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  • Remote Gothenburg
  • 2024-10-30

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Join Zenseact’s Advanced Graduate Program and shape the future of mobility

Can you imagine a world where road traffic accidents are nothing but a distant memory, and vehicles seamlessly navigate the streets with the power of cutting-edge software? How would it feel to make such a vision a reality? On top of that – how would you feel working alongside some of the brightest people in the industry and learn from the best? If it sounds appealing – apply today to join our genuine, inclusive culture and assist us in uncovering new knowledge.

Introducing the Advanced Graduate Program (AGP)

Picture yourself as a pioneer of new knowledge and innovation that shapes the future of mobility. Our Advanced Graduate Program is an exciting journey that will take you to destination growth. In this program you have a unique opportunity to be part of a diverse team of approximately 12 industrial PhD students who are enthusiastic about uncovering new knowledge in strategically vital areas for our mission. As a permanent member of the Zenseact family, you’ll not only be an integral part of our cutting-edge projects, but you’ll also enjoy a multitude of short- and long-term benefits that come with being part of our innovative community.

Accelerate Your Career, Shape the Future

The groundwork has already been laid, your project is well defined, and your knowledgeable and experienced academic and industrial supervisors are already waiting for you. No more lead time – you’ll dive straight into action, putting your ideas into motion and witnessing the impact firsthand.

As an Advanced Graduate Program student, you will conduct research on a strategic topic and your target is to graduate with a PhD degree in about four years from starting. To support and guide you, there is a group manager, an industrial supervisor (Zenseact-employed), an academic supervisor (University Professor), and a team of AGP colleagues in a research group held together by an academic coach. There might be an opportunity to use spin-off ideas from your project directly in product development. This is highly encouraged, and there is support for patent applications.

You will complete relevant graduate level courses, publish peer-reviewed journal articles, attend conferences and workshops, and complete a licentiate and a doctor’s degree.

The appointment as Advanced Graduate Program student in Zenseact is a permanent employment, starting with a four-year research project, and continuing with a role in Zenseact suited to your expertise and leadership skills. We have a long tradition of bringing up industrial PhD students, and many of the alumni are today in leading roles in the company.


  • Hold an M.Sc. or equivalent in Electrical engineering, computer science, computer vision or another relevant field.
  • A genuine passion for conducting research to enhance road traffic safety, motivated by the primary goal of eliminating road traffic losses.
  • Ability to establish both national and international networks within your specialized subject area.
  • Advanced communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

Who are you?

We are seeking creative people motivated by their desire for being at the forefront of knowledge, accelerating innovation, and shaping the future. This role requires someone who is both motivated and independent, with a holistic perspective that recognizes logical patterns and is adept at detailed analysis. A robust data-driven and scientific mindset is essential, complemented by high teamwork capabilities.

Research Projects / Key Areas of Focus

Dive into the cutting-edge world of automotive technology within one of the following domains:

1 – Federated learning and computing

Learning: Leveraging unlabeled data from the vehicle fleet for efficiently apply semi/self-supervised learning at edge devices

Computing: Design of efficient, low-latency and high-throughput data processing in resource-constrained environments

2 – Generative AI and multi modal large language models

Algorithms: Enhancing the capabilities and safety of AD and ADAS software

Software development: Enhancing software development, deployment and validation and verification approaches.

3 – Robust path generation and decision-making leveraging AI approaches

Algorithms: Integrating AI methods and rule-based approaches for enhanced path planning and decision-making for ADAS and AD

Tools: Training and validation tooling for AI-based system designs for path planning and decision-making

Collaboration at Its Best

Join forces with leading academic minds from Chalmers University of Technology, as well as researchers from Zenseact and Volvo Cars. This collaborative effort is designed to spark innovation, foster dynamic research, and promote progress.

What to Expect

Develop state-of-the-art algorithms leading to research papers, patents, and PhD Thesis.

Test and refine your innovations with real-life automotive data from industry giants Volvo Cars and Zenseact.

”I’ve always wanted to work on exciting projects that incorporate the sota in research related to autonomous driving, and a PHD sounded like a good next step, but I wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to spend 4 or 5 years working by myself. In the Advanced Graduate Program at Zenseact there is an open and friendly environment where we can share ideas and collaborate with each other as PhD students. We have supportive mentors and supervisors from both academic and industrial backgrounds who make sure we’re on the right track, and get to interact with other team members at the company which gives us an insight into how our research could be useful in a product. I want to make a difference in people’s lives with my research and AGP gives me the opportunity to do that.” – Mahan Rafadashti, AGP member at Zenseact.

Project Timeline

The project unfolds over four years, starting in October 2024.

How to learn more and apply?

For questions regarding the position, please contact Jonas Ekmark, recruiting manager, +46 733 330908, [email protected].

For questions regarding the research project, please contact Gabriel Campos, research manager, +46 728 889550, [email protected]

For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact Rahell Rada, [email protected]

Apply through the bellow link. Please make sure to upload your CV, cover-letter, as well as your grade transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Please apply no later than 2024-08-19 . Kindly observe that this is an ongoing recruitment process and that the position might be filled before the closing date of the advertisement.

What more do we offer?

Flexible-remote way of working: Zenseact has a flexible and modern approach, thus is happy to offer to its employees the possibility for a combination of work at the office and from home. Note that this does not include fully remote work from outside Sweden.

More about Zenseact

Our software makes a difference.
Using AI-based technology to create the ultimate driver support, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone. Every year, around 1,2 million people die in traffic while approximately 50 million people get injured. Many get disabled as a result of their injury. We can do better.

One purpose, one product.
We’re a software company dedicated to revolutionizing car safety. By designing the complete software stack for autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone. Zenseact was founded by Volvo Cars, and the teams are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Shanghai, China. When we aim for zero accidents faster, we strive to speed up the transition to safe automation. This is essentially achieved by making cars updatable – like a computer or a phone. With regular software updates, a vehicle can be made safer long after its production. By accelerating improvement loops, shortening development cycles, and deploying high-capacity software quickly, we can make cars safer, faster.

Culture with people at heart
To achieve our mission of saving lives and ending traffic accidents is to go where nobody has before. It requires us to venture into the unknown, pioneering new technology and pushing the frontier of autonomous driving. While there’s no denying our determination and expertise, we must stand united to succeed. By fostering a culture of support and enablement – a place of psychological safety where all of us can thrive – everything else will follow. We call this a people-at-heart culture. This culture means caring. It means the company cares about me, and we care about one another. It means sharing, so we give each other energy and have fun together. Our culture is also about belonging. It’s important to feel at home and that we can be ourselves at work. Finally, a people-at-heart culture means well-being. So, we enjoy the flexibility needed to be and do our best – at work and in life.

Zenseact works proactively to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, where individual differences are appreciated and respected. To drive innovation we see diversity as an asset, which means we value and respect differences in gender, race, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age etc.
Interviews are held on a continuous basis, so we highly recommend that you submit your application at your earliest convenience.

  • Externa annonser
  • Remote Gothenburg
  • 2024-10-30

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