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Head of Marketing & Communications

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Would you like to strategically manage our brand’s presence and ensure our story is heard? With responsibilities spanning PR, branding, and leading our communications team, this role is perfect for you if you thrive on both strategic planning and hands-on implementation. If you have a track record in media relations, are skilled in crafting compelling copy ️, and can navigate leadership with a coaching mindset ️, we invite you to join us. Let’s make our brand resonate together.


At Bontouch, we work based on one simple but ambitious principle: to make the world’s greatest apps for the best brands on the planet. Currently, we work with partners such as Swish, PostNord, SJ, SEB, among many others, to build highly useful, beautiful-looking mobile and web apps that make life easier for millions of users in the real world.

During summer 2023, we joined forces with Denmark’s leading app agency Shape as well as Waterland Private Equity with the goal to create the leading digital product agency worldwide.

Joining our offices in Stockholm, you will lead the work of a tight-knit team, currently consisting of a Marketing Manager, a Social Media Manager, and an Events Manager.

Your day-to-day will include everything from strategically planning our work in marketing and communications, as well as assisting in the strategy behind our sales events, driving our thought leadership initiatives, building brand awareness, and ensuring Bontouch’s positioning through PR efforts, to effectively leading and inspiring your fellow team members. If storytelling excites you as much as finding an app’s hidden feature, this job is the secret level you’ve been waiting to unlock!

Finally, can you imagine sipping a Danish coffee as part of your workday and adding a dash of Danish hygge to your professional life? For this position, you will collaborate closely with the marketing team at Shape, currently consisting of 6 talented individuals.


As the Head of Marketing & Communications, your role will be critical in steering our brand’s strategic direction and messaging, ensuring it resonates both internally and with our target audiences. Your expertise in shaping narratives and influencing perceptions will be key as you drive the evolution of our brand identity and market positioning.

More specifically your role will entail:

  • Team Lead and Management: You will be responsible for assembling and leading a dynamic team of marketing and communications professionals. Fostering a positive team spirit, encouraging collaboration, and providing mentorship to team members will be essential.
  • Business Focus and Thought Leadership: Your business-driven mindset will be instrumental in understanding the broader business aspects of Bontouch and translating them into compelling thought leadership efforts. This includes identifying industry trends, conducting market research, and developing thought-provoking content to showcase Bontouch’s expertise and innovation.
  • Storytelling and Message Conveyance: You have a knack for storytelling and enjoy using it as a powerful tool to convey messages and enhance brand awareness. Whether it’s through written content, visual storytelling, or multimedia campaigns, you’ll leverage storytelling techniques to captivate audiences and strengthen brand connections.
  • Hands-on and Strategic Execution: While you’re adept at developing strategic plans, you’re also comfortable rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on. Whether it’s crafting compelling storytelling narratives, writing engaging content, or overseeing the execution of marketing campaigns, you’re actively involved in driving results.
  • Brand Awareness and Reputation Management: This involves developing and implementing branding initiatives, ensuring brand consistency across all channels, and continuously evaluating and refining the brand strategy to drive growth and engagement and proactively managing the company’s reputation in the market.


Are you ready to make this role your own? We believe you might feel at home with us if you have:

Strong Leadership Abilities: You have demonstrated experience in leading and motivating teams, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment, and empowering team members to achieve their full potential.

️ Communication and Writing Skills: You are a skilled communicator with strong writing, verbal, and interpersonal skills. You can articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively, whether it’s crafting marketing messages, presenting strategies to stakeholders, or engaging with the media.

Business Acumen: You have a solid understanding of business principles and can connect marketing and communications strategies with broader business objectives. You can analyze market trends, competitor activities, and customer insights to inform decision-making.

An Adaptable Approach: You thrive in changing environments and are adaptable to change. You can quickly pivot strategies based on evolving market dynamics and organizational needs.

A Passion for Brand Building: You have a genuine passion for branding and brand building, understanding the importance of brand identity, consistency, and reputation management in driving business success.

And you would describe yourself as:

A Strategic Thinker: You have a strategic mindset, capable of seeing the big picture and developing long-term plans to achieve business objectives. You understand how marketing and communications efforts contribute to overall company goals.

Creative and Innovative: You bring fresh ideas and creative thinking to the table, constantly seeking out innovative ways to differentiate Bontouch in the market and captivate audiences.

A Collaborative Team Player: You enjoy working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, building strong relationships with colleagues, and driving alignment towards common goals.


  • A beautiful office in the heart of Stockholm, a hybrid-remote work setup, flexible working hours, as well as some other pretty neat benefits like a generous wellness grant, top-up on your parental leave, occupational pension, and much more.
  • A culture of sharing. We have Friday demos, Wednesday lunch-and-learn, and conceptathons. We host an internal conference with all of our studios once a year – every time in a different part of the world. ️
  • A flexible environment where you get to explore and create your role based on your passion.

Are you curious about our benefits and what it is like to work with us? Read about us here


Psychometric assessment – Personality & Logics test

1st meeting with a Talent Acquisition Specialist

2nd meeting with HR Manager & Marketing Manager

Case interview with VP Sales, VP Business Development & CEO

Final meeting with your future manager + ️ with the team


At Bontouch, we work based on one simple but ambitious principle: to make the world’s greatest apps for the best brands on the planet. To have the greatest impact on users all over the world, we partner up with our favorite companies to create highly useful, beautiful-looking, visionary mobile and web apps that make life easier for millions of users in the real world. We work with partners such as Swish, PostNord, SJ, SEB, among many others. We offer our partners a unique long-term engagement model where we provide all the skills required for modern digital product development including strategy, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

What is the secret of our success? We are a team, we work together, learn from each other, and trust in each other. For us, collaboration, knowledge exchange, our diverse backgrounds, and shared passion for creating the best possible digital products are our winning combination. We work together in-house in our Bontouch studios to ensure that we deliver products of the highest quality with the end user in focus.

Bontouch is the leading app agency in Sweden and has together with leading agency in Denmark (Shape) joined forces with Waterland Private Equity in 2023 with a joint ambition to create the leading digital product agency worldwide. Today the group consists of more than 400 employees across offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zurich, New York, London, Åre, Östersund and Kalmar. The group will continue to grow organically while pursuing international expansion through acquisitions of digital product agencies that have achieved a leading position in their respective markets by delivering best-in-class mobile apps.

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