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Full-stack Developer

  • Externa annonser
  • Remote Stockholm
  • 2024-07-25

Hemsida Recap Energy AB (publ)

Recap Energy is looking for a solution-oriented and creative Full-Stack Developer to join our smart energy software company Recap Power AB. This role offers a unique opportunity to work in an exciting business segment of the global green energy transition.

In this role you will be working directly with the Recap Power team and supporting and strengthening Recap Energy’s global team in Sweden, Spain, Colombia and Brazil.

Candidate profile

We are looking for solution-oriented and creative software developers that are ready for technical challenges. It is important that you are open, easy to work with and flexible for changes in your daily work.

Knowledge and experience

  • Experience in software development, preferably from full-stack development and/or SaaS-based systems or IoT systems.
  • Full command of English in speech and writing.
  • Full command of Chinese in speech and writing.
  • Experience with BESS solutions.

Knowledge in the following is required:

  • Python

Proficient in Python, with an interest in creating efficient, scalable and secure backend systems.

  • Linux

Extensive experience in both developing and deploying applications on Linux environments, adept at scripting and normal tasks.

  • MongoDB

Hands-on experience in using NoSQL database systems for complex data handling and storage. Experience with designing, implementing and optimising them is beneficial.

  • Machine learning
  • Proficient in statistical and probabilistic algorithms, such as linear regression and random forest for data analysis.
  • Parallel and distributed programming
  • Hands-on experience in interprocess communication, task scheduling and benchmarking.
  • Testing
  • Proficient in testing methodologies, unit testing, code coverage and test evaluation in multi-language environments.
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Experience in containerisation technologies.
  • Experience in orchestrating and managing Docker environments for seamless application deployment and scaling is beneficial.

  • Git

Proficient in using Git for efficient version control, branching, merging and collaborative development practices.

Knowledge in one or several of the following is beneficial:

  • API and realtime communication

Expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining efficient and secure APIs. Experienced with Socket.IO for enabling realtime, bidirectional and event-based communication between servers and clients to enhance user experience and application functionality.

  • Security protocols

In-depth knowledge of authentication, authorization and other security protocols to ensure the security and integrity of data and applications.

  • Testing and optimization

Adept at writing automated tests, unit testing, integration testing and optimising the performance of backend systems.

Frontend awareness:

  • React

Basic familiarity with React, enabling collaboration with frontend developers and understanding frontend requirements and constraints.

  • TypeScript

Awareness of TypeScript to understand type safety and enhanced code quality, facilitating better collaboration with the frontend.

For additional points:

  • Optimization
  • Cloud-based platforms like IBM, AWS, Google or Azure
  • Experience and knowledge from energy systems

About the company

Recap Energy is a lean, ambitious and fast-growing company group focused on renewable energy production and energy storage investments. Recap Energy works exclusively with sustainable projects and has the vision of becoming one of Europe’s main references in sustainable energy investments.

Recap Power AB offers aggregator services, solve capacity problems and create new revenue streams. Our unique proprietary energy management system can optimize the usage of batteries, local energy production and control energy resources such as heating pumps and EV chargers.

The position is full time and will start as soon as possible. You will be based in our nice office in Uppsala Science Park. Remote work will be possible part time. Some travel both domestic and international may be needed. For more info visit

The selection will be made exclusively based on the candidate’s capabilities and fit to the position. All persons who match this job description are encouraged to apply for the position. Recap is an equal opportunity employer and does not tolerate any sort of discrimination.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln ”Full-stack Developer” hos företaget Recap Energy AB (publ) och publicerades på den 25 juni 2024 klockan 11:58.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln ”Full-stack Developer” hos företaget Recap Energy AB (publ) och publicerades på den 25 juni 2024 klockan 11:58.
  • Externa annonser
  • Remote Stockholm
  • 2024-07-25

Hemsida Recap Energy AB (publ)

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