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Senior Network Engineer

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Website JSAN Consulting Group

Role : Network Engineer(GCP)

Job Type : Contract 6 Months

Job Mode : Remote

Location : Europe/UK


Job Desperation :

Technical skillsets

•            Comprehensive understanding of BGP: Configure and troubleshoot in large global environments.

•            Comprehensive understanding of routing concepts: Inter-VR routing, policy-based routing, routing protocols, route filtering, path selection, access-lists etc.

•            Comprehensive understanding of switching concepts: VLANs, Layer 2, Mac-forwarding, vlan trucking, VRRP, Gratuitous ARP.

•            Comprehensive understanding of firewall/security concepts: L2-L7, all versions of NAT, failover scenarios, zonal concepts, IPSec, L7 encryption concepts, URL filtering, DNS, security profiles and rules, proxying.

•            Comprehensive understanding of Load Balancing concepts: Cloud LB and conventional LB and their differences in functionality.

•            Good understanding of Public Cloud platforms: Preferably GCP; specifically Networking, Firewalling, IAM and how they relate to Cloud Native services (PSA, Cloud SQL, GCVE, Cloud Interconnects, BMS, File Store, Net app, etc.).

•            Good understanding of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to provision resources: Must be able to customize and optimize the codebase to simplify deliveries.

•            Good understanding of Linux administration: Using Linux to bridge technical gaps in Windows and understanding the tools available to troubleshoot network connectivity.

•            Understanding of APIs: in order to expedite data collection and configuration to eliminate human error.

•            Understanding of DevOps: how it can improve delivery and operation.



•            Juniper: MX, SRX, QFX

•            Palo Alto: Physical and virtual firewalls, Panorama.

•            Google Cloud Platform

•            Squid Proxy



•            Terraform

•            Algosec or similar tool for traffic flow governance.

•            Ansible

•            M2VM (GCP migration tool)

•            Azure DevOps pipelines

•            Azure DevOps GIT


Mandatory languages

•            Python

•            HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language)

•            YAML

•            JSON

  • External ads
  • Remote Sweden
  • Applications have closed

Website JSAN Consulting Group